Case studies

JYB International helps its partners across China to find the right fit to fulfil their international education goals.

Tailored student programs

Please note that JYB International has recently rebranded; it was formerly known as Independent Education Partners.

We have had great success with short-term international study programs for students. These programs are all tailored to the needs and requirements of each group, and can focus on English language, experience in various professional disciplines, and startups. They can also include professional engagement opportunities.

One example is a two-week Business English and innovation program for senior high school students that we recently executed with our partners at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and Haymarket HQ (HHQ), Australia’s first coworking space for Asia focussed startups. Tripalocal facilitated the entire program and trip, which was attended by sixteen 16-18 year old students from a Shanghai high school.

UTS delivered the Business English course in the form of a series of highly interactive workshops that provided ample opportunities for students to practice their presentation and oral English skills. The students also did a presentation on Shanghai and their school to an audience at UTS.

At HHQ, in smaller groups students worked with selected China oriented startups to prepare a pitch to potential Chinese investors on taking the business into China. Selected startups were in the fields of virtual reality, sports hardware and software, and online food platform.

At the end of the program, the students presented the pitch to an audience at HHQ. The pitch was livestreamed back to their parents, teachers and parents so they can witness the students’ extraordinary improvements over the two week period. Over 12,000 views have been recorded, all by word of mouth publicity.

Extremely positive feedback from both the students, their Shanghai high school and our partners, UTS and HHQ. Students had a strong grasp of difficult business concepts and their oral English improved substantially as did their presentation skills. Their final presentations demonstrated that they learnt the key components of a running startup. Their high school was able to establish a long term program relationship with UTS and HHQ based on the positive results of this program. This may lead to students applying to UTS when they consider further study options.

Tailored teacher training programs

Our short-term teacher training programs aim to keep teachers and schools abreast of the latest trends in teaching methodology, as well as broaden teachers’ knowledge in specific topics. These programs are always individualized to the goals of the school and teachers.

In July 2017, JYB organised 2 week teacher training program for a group of high school IT and computer science teachers from Shanghai to a California State University in the greater Los Angeles area to gain a deeper understanding of cybersecurity and internet technologies. The content included recent developments in the field, online tools for use in the classroom, insight into the IT sector and innovation in the US, and general pedagogical methodology.

The classroom lectures and lab workshops were supplemented by company and campus visits around California. These visits included a tour of Silicon Valley companies, such as Google and Intel, as well as visits to a number of other school campuses, including Stanford University. The teachers had the opportunity to visit the computer science and IT departments at a couple of local colleges to learn more about the variety of teaching methods in the field.

Tailored senior-level delegation tours

JYB has helped a number of Chinese partners arrange delegation visits for school leaders. We help ensure the delegations meet with the right partners to accomplish their express goals, which often include setting up long term academic partnerships.

An example of our delegation tours is a successful trip arranged for a Henan university. The university sent a group of its senior leaders, led by the university President, visited Australia for 5 days in December 2016, meeting with various potential university partners and consolidating their existing university partnership. JYB assisted them in selecting and connecting with potential partners as well facilitated all arrangements and provided on the ground support in Australia. JYB is now responsible for executing the programs and managing the various stakeholders.

Online innovation course

JYB is working with some partners in Shanghai and Nanjing to debut a “blended learning” course, with a strong focus on a high-quality online element. In English, students learn the basics of entrepreneurship and innovation. They also learn a modified version of the Lean Canvas model, an effective tool to help entrepreneurs focus on the most important aspects of their startup businesses. Later in the course, students learn about the financing process and learn how to pitch their ideas to investors. All the material is developed in conjunction with experts and professionals in the fields of business, innovation, and education.

Each week, there are two classes:

Theory Class

Students learn concepts and vocabulary through online video lessons and teacher-facilitated class discussions. Discussions are often based on a company that almost everyone is familiar with, such as Apple.

Practical Class

Student teams apply what they learned in the Theory Class to plan the business of a real life startup product (using the Lean Canvas model) and later create and present a final pitch on the product’s China market entry plan. At the end of each practical class, one student from each group will present her or his team’s findings for two minutes.